Monday, June 4, 2012

Girlfriend Grace

"We're learning to be so much more transparent and honest with one another, " Kerri observed.  "We all make mistakes. We all get frustrated. But it's so great to know we aren't alone. It really helps when we open up and share the hard stuff."

Girl's Night starts with candles and chocolate and craziness.  It ends with talking and tissues and transparency. We are discovering that being honest and open teaches us to be brave and bold. It encourages consistent prayer on a deep level. Dark secrets we once would have kept hidden are becoming bonds that unite us and spur us on to love and good works.

Someday all we have done, both good and bad, will be called into judgment. Because we are learning to be transparent now, future judgment no longer holds fear. For every sin, every loss in life, we long to hear someone say, "Yes. That happened. She told me about it. Let me share how her sin and loss was a teaching tool in my life."

The evil one wants to use sin to cause shame, death, despair.  He wants my sin to break intimacy with God, block my prayers for others and weigh me down with worry.  He does not like for my prayer life to stay active in changing the world. He wants me isolated and alone.

God uses my very worst self to bring glory to His purposes, to bless my marriage, friendships and His church. Not only is God made strong in my weakness, but so am I!  Everyone who learns from me shares in my triumph over sin and death.

Nothing need be hidden.  All of my heart, even the ugly parts, can be available for counseling, teaching and encouraging.  My sinful choices used for good. Now that's proof positive of wondrous grace.