Monday, March 19, 2012

A Snuggle for Carolanne

Mary Cassatt, Artist
Carolanne snuggled beside me on the rocking chair.  "Can I sit on your lap?"

Seven year olds are mostly arms and legs. She kept squirming, trying to find her usual snuggle spot, finally curling herself into my arms with a contented sleepy sigh. I set the rocker in motion and she pulled my prayer shawl around her.

"This is how you rock Baby Maisy because she's still so little," she whispered.  "Did you rock me like Maisy when I was a baby?"

I have been rocking her frequently since before she can remember, but she loves to be reminded. She takes longer to settle in now days, but there is a place in my arms and my heart that belongs to her alone. Nobody else will ever fit the same way.

I smiled.  "I still rock you like Maisy because you're still my baby, too.  I rock you a little differently now, but I'll always love you."

My feet continued the rocking motion. The loving adult voices of our life group continued discussion. My mind listened to them, but my heart went far away.  God had reminded me of a valuable lesson through His little one. I blessed her gratefully as my little Songbird quietly hummed herself toward sleep.

God's promises are new every morning.  He loves every one of us wholeheartedly, tenderly, differently. He rejoices over us with singing and quiets us with His love. How great the Father's love for us! How vast beyond all measure!

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