Monday, September 10, 2012

Impossible Happens

Ever wish you could just start over? Take a different life road, be a better you. Such an adventure requires cleaning house and tossing the garbage first, doesn't it?  That handful of high school regrets, the bucket of rebellion from college, the heap of broken dreams from your 20s and while you're at it, the extra 10 pounds of junk food you gained eating comfort food with your toddlers.

You will, of course, remember to pack hard earned wisdom, favorite hobbies, tried and true friends, your Starbucks card, favorite hoodie and your laptop. Suitcase getting full? Don't forget your marked-up Bible, fresh journal and Ipod.

It may not feel like this has been your day, your month or even your year. It doesn't take much to feel that way. Our eyes are trained to see failures and our hearts to see burdens. It's why Monday is my favorite day. I get to start over and seek simplicity, good choices, the refreshing gratitude that comes with a new week.

God is already working behind the scenes in your life.  He is transforming you into the person He knows you can be. He is the God who is never overwhelmed by our failures, never surprised by our circumstances.  He knows all about that different life road to a better you. He is the God who is able to do more than all you could imagine. Every day He is available as Guide to help us make decisions that determine the rest of our story.

You won't find the adventure by accident.  The choice has to be deliberate.  Courage to be different must overcome resentment and discouragement. Each choice leads to more choices.  Each change leads to greater change.The momentum will build until you find yourself living whole and free, living that dream you thought was impossible. My God specializes in the Impossible.

So, come on! Stick your phone in your pocket, grab your keys and let's go!

"This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year." Exodus 12:2

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