Friday, April 12, 2013

Cheer Up Words

Mary Englebreit
I remember my mother teaching me to write my name.  Sitting with her at the kitchen table,  I carefully wrote my name with a magenta crayon. The tip of my new crayon rounded, disappearing like magic, as I practiced.

The first letter I ever sent through the mail was written on blue stationary. My father was a rural mail carrier who encouraged my letter writing. I left outgoing mail on the kitchen table and letters disappeared like magic when he left for work the next morning. 

Emails now travel back and forth to other countries almost daily. I hear not only from friends, but from readers I have never met. They live in places I have never visited. I love hearing from people, sharing in their lives, becoming a part of their stories as we exchange emails. Ding! Just like magic, you've got mail. 

One of my favorite letters is written on a large sheet of white paper. It says, very simply, "ISAIAH". It's written in crooked, shaky letters by a little boy who wanted to say much more, but wrote what he could manage. I smile big as I remember him running into my hug, handing his first letter to me. Such love and sparkle in his eyes! He had written volumes and discovered the magic of the written word.

"Your hands look funny," Katherynn told me. "I miss your jewels." I hugged her close, explaining that arthritis swelling was not permanent. I would soon be able to color and write again. I would soon wear my rings again. 

"I would not like it if I could not color a letter," Katherynn sighed, filled with compassion for my temporary loss. "Life would be empty without coloring a letter." 

The next day I received a colorful handmade card. She read it to me since spelling and penmanship are still a bit in progress. She pointed to her initials. "K.H. See? I signed it. My cheer up words always make people feel good."

Who needs your cheer up words today? Grab a card, sign your initials and send it on its way.


  1. Tell Katherynn that her cheer up words made me feel good too! What a sweet spirit. :)

  2. I needed your cheer up words today...thank you for sending them.

  3. Yay for another post! I rejoice in each one. So sweet!