Friday, January 16, 2015

Soldier-Princess: Thanks Giving

Burrowing into my soft robe, I snuggled under a quilt before the fire, a steaming cup of tea warming my hands. Soft jazz soothed my weary spirit. As I breathed in the lingering sweetness of gingerbread and glanced around at the photos of my healthy loved ones, I smiled. 

The cheerful surroundings called me to a thankful heart with relaxed ease. My heart, fueled by thanks giving, frequently bursts forth into song.

But am I truly thankful or am I reacting to creature comforts and happy thoughts? Am I thankful only when life is going my way?

An avalanche of misery and suffering in the world can so quickly overwhelm us. Burrowing into a robe of complacency and snuggling under a quilt of happiness is a mistake, however cozy we can make ourselves feel. That sort of thanks giving is temporary and accomplishes little. We cannot sustain happy feelings in a world where life is hard.

There is a giving of thanks that is more powerful and steadfast available to us. It goes deeper than transient feelings because it comes from praising God's gifts rather than our own perception of circumstances.

Faith that moves mountains starts with being truly thankful in all seasons of life. The me I want to be is beckoning me toward a life of deeper faith, a faith fueled by thanks giving no matter what my circumstances. 

Am I thankful when disease exhausts and disappoints?  Am I thankful when my heart is broken? Does my thanks giving fade away when my hardship surpasses my strength? In my weakness, am I thankful for the opportunity to prove God's strength? 

A soldier-princess is not surprised to find herself called into battle. She serves at the pleasure of The King and considers it an honor. She doesn't quit and she doesn't fall back until circumstances are easier. 

When life gets tough, the soldier-princess turns into a warrior of thanks giving. She sees with The King's eyes and loves with The King's heart. Confident that joy will come through thanks giving, she picks up her sword, the Word of God, lifts her shield of faith, and follows The King into battle. 

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