Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The God Who is Kind

Father, Would You teach me of Your kindness?

Blinded by battle fatigue, my steps falter. I wander around in the foothills of life carrying burdens too heavy to bear up the mountain. I am beaten down. My hopes are dashed.

I am the God who is kind. My compassion endures forever. I am patient and loving toward all I have made.

Your kindness keeps my heart tender toward You. You are my portion and my hope. You are my song in the night. You are Lord over all the earth.

Come to Me. My yoke is easy and My burden is light. You are the apple of my eye. Rest in My shady green pasture where the still waters lie. I am the God who sees You. I am the God who rescues.

I love You because You are holy and kind. Early in the morning my songs will rise to You. Your grace is enough for me.

And I love you. I made you a present, beloved child. Open the eyes of your heart. It is springing up before you. Will you not see it? Welcome to Sabbath. Welcome to rest.

Shalom. Yes, Father. I do see it.

Come. Let us away.

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