Friday, November 4, 2011

Take a Risk~Dream Big

How do I know what career I will love? Do I want a career? How will I know if I'm choosing the right mate? Will I enjoy life more if I'm single? Am I good at anything that matters? In the scope of things, do I even matter? Will God come through for me? Should I make the safe choices?

The thing I love most about college students is their unshakable belief that dreams can come true. Not necessarily for themselves, but in general. It's also the thing I love least because of obstacles like discouragement, self-doubt and fear.

After a couple of decades living a life imitating one's peers, learning to be oneself at 21 can be burdensome. New ideas, insights and choices intimidate as well as challenge young adults. Life decisions are not only overwhelming, but immediate.

Some of your choices and decisions may leave you disappointed. Accepting disappointments without losing focus on the dream is difficult. It's easier to give up, to become discouraged and even depressed when life doesn't look the way you planned.

Doesn't mean dreaming isn't worthwhile. Dreaming helps formulate goals. Be brave enough to take your dream out for a spin. God blesses from a heart of mercy and love. He is not only the Author of your faith, but the Finisher, able to do more than you ask or imagine in your life.

Your God is bigger than you think! Take a risk. What could you do with your life that would bring God to the edge of His seat? Dream big and dare to make it come true.

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