Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tucked into Sylvie's Jacket

Holly stretched weary muscles. Cold rain continued to stream down the window pane and she shivered with dread. Over a sigh born of exhaustion she picked up the laundry basket, walked through the cluttered living room and into the messy kitchen. Dishes were piled in the sink from breakfast. Counter tops were littered with various stacks of papers, toys and books. Spilled Cheerios crunched under her feet as she sat down the laundry and folded into a chair.

"I don't even know where to start," she whispered. "Every day begins this same way."

"Mama, can we have a tea party? I'm hungry," four year old Sylvie asked, crawling onto her mother's lap.

"Sure, honey," Holly softly answered.

"With real tea and cups and cookies and stuff?" begged Sylvie.

A tear slipped down Holly's cheeks as she snuggled the little girl closer to her. "With real tea and cups and cookies and stuff, Sylvie. I think we deserve a tea party. Shall we clean up the kitchen first and start the laundry?"

Sylvie nodded eagerly and hopped down, eager to help complete the morning chores. Little helping hands picked up one end of the laundry basket, efficiently dumping the clothes into the spilled Cheerios. "Oopsie!" she giggled.

Holly smiled and took a deep cleansing breath, knowing there is always a treasure to be found tucked into the corner of each extraordinary ordinary day. Some days you just have to search for it.

The work of a home is love made visible. Tuck a happy childhood into your little ones' jacket.

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