Monday, February 6, 2012

Flying with Liam

"I'm Superman, okay?" Liam notified me one afternoon.  He is at least a sophmore by now in the diligent study of super powers. "Here I come!" he shouted.

I caught the flying four year old as he landed with me on the couch. "You fly pretty well, Zip. That was impressive! Superman is my favorite."

He hugged me tight and then with a slight lisp whispered, "I'm not really Superman, you know.  I just have the power."

Recently our church family was blessed to see one of our young men, Jerad, home from marine training. All of our loving hugs probably left permanent wrinkles in his pressed formal uniform. Liam didn't know Jerad very well, but had joined the family in drawing pictures and writing letters to encourage Jerad while he was away.

And then Jerad shook Liam's hand.

With  eyes alert and focused, Liam stepped closer to me and took my hand. He watched silently, awestruck with wonder as Jerad walked away to greet others. A real hero has more power than you can imagine or pretend.

Oh, my beloved Liam. On exraordinary ordinary days, be a super hero. Fly high with wings like eagles.  Run and do not grow weary. Live a life for Jesus that shouts wherever adventure takes you. You have The Power: Christ in you, the hope of glory.

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