Monday, October 1, 2012

Let Faith Arise

Even with a joyful heart and a mind set on things above, you can find yourself in the midst of a life storm. 

Tossed about in disappointments  you scramble for balance. Circumstances overwhelm. Fear takes a hold. Suddenly you begin to sink into the dark waves that are pulling you down.

It is when we are bruised by failure and loss that the good stuff happens. We look upward for wisdom and help. We cannot save ourselves. To overcome disappointing loss, we have to fight for a faith that overcomes our circumstances.

Peter was new to a relationship with the God who walked on earth, the God who walked on water. The Bible tells us that God called him out of the safety of a boat and into the storm to walk alongside Him on the water. God called and Peter courageously followed Him into a wild world where storms rage high and darkness overwhelms. 

"The secret to surviving the storm is Christ in me, " Elisabeth Eliot writes, "not me in a different set of circumstances."  

When Peter glanced at his circumstances, he began to sink. When He grabbed on to the hand of God, he was able to rise above the dark raging waters. Joy and opportunity waited for Peter if only he would grasp the hand of God, rise above his circumstances and walk by faith not by sight. 

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