Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking Like Maisy

In January I set aside this year for an evaluation of my life so far. What should I change physically, spiritually and mentally? What needs to be done as I get older to ensure a strong finish to my life?

I am entering the second half of my life while Maisy is walking into her first half of life. As I learn to walk strong spiritually, she is learning to walk strong physically.

A few months ago she needed to grasp my hand before walking a few steps. Later she dared to walk alone, confident as long as she could see me within her reach. She toddled slowly, carefully. There were so many obstacles to knock her off balance. She still stumbles and falls down every day.

Sometimes I release my grip on the hand of God and take a few steps on my own. I do pretty well as long as I keep Him in sight. I know how to walk. It's just that there are so many obstacles to knock me off balance. I still stumble and fall down every day.

Maisy is not distracted by the stumbles, puzzled perhaps, even frustrated, but her determination never wavers. She knows where she wants to go and she intends to get there, even if a hard tumble brings pain and disappointment.

She walks with confidence. She walks with courage. I want be just like her when I grow up.

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