Monday, December 12, 2011

The Grandma Person

Love them to Jesus.

Look at your mom's face when she picks up that old ornament you made in kindergarten. Watch her eyes, her smile, as her mind relives memories of your life that you have long since forgotten. You remember the faded construction paper ornament because it's on the tree every year. She remembers the day you proudly presented it to her.

Encouraging young mothers during the season to be jolly is one of my favorite things. Somehow they seem to discover the energy to trim the tree, make ornaments with toddlers, plan parties, bake cookies with six year olds and enjoy Christmas movies anew. God is able to bless mothers with supernatural energy, joy and creativity.

Don't forget to encourage them as well as pray for them. Cut out some sugar cookies for them to decorate, pick up a Christmas CD to surprise them, read Christmas stories to their children, play a board game, put together a puzzle.  Share your own holiday memories. 

It may be old fashioned in an age of video games and rental movies, but the best babysitter for a child, is still a"Grandma Person", as my little Lydia once called me. And no child can have too many of those.


  1. This week as my 6 yr old son and I decorated our Christmas tree I heard myself telling stories of where our many assorted ornaments came from, and we added several made by his tiny hands. I stopped to think to myself that someday he will know those stories and that THAT is important to me. We enjoy those moments togther yet at times let them pass without pausing to identify the things that are so very important. I think back now, reflecting on your blog, to days spent with my Grandmother making ornaments for my mothers tree. Though I have not yet been to see her tree this year I know that they are there, hanging with those made by my brother and sister and it makes me smile. May we cherish those moments and take the time make many more without even trying.

  2. I don't have grandkids of my own yet, but I do enjoy making cookies with the kids next door. THey don't have a grandma so I sort of fill in as one. They also really liked decorating my tree with tinsel. They had not done it before.