Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Old Blue Quilt

"It feels like love."
My great-granny worked thousands of stitches into beautiful heirloom quilts.  Six generations later, children are still delighted. After decades in my Grandma's cedar chest, the blue quilt became the tablecloth that graced my mother's home with beauty and history.

A busy young family of six made the blue quilt worn, but it was quite serviceable for Sunday afternoon naps or covering sleeping grandchildren. One of my favorite memories of my mother, is seeing her snuggled in the old blue quilt, reading her Bible and sipping a cup of coffee.

Though I have several antique quilts from Granny, the old blue is my favorite. Seldom used, wrapped in paper in Grandma's cedar chest, it was a unique treasure that as a little girl I could only admire on rare occasions. I appreciate it even more now that it covers my life with such a history of sheltering love.

For a decade it has blessed the many spiritual children and grandchildren in my life. Newborn Seraiah was dazzled by the colors and patterns. Weary Ethan pulled it up over his head to hide his whole body, cowboy boots and all, from his school bus woes. Carson used it as a bumpy road for vehicles. Yesterday little Katherynn asked to read books under my "Worldwide Web Story Quilt". 

A couple of years back, Alesha, one of my spiritual daughters, was out of town. Her husband Steve dropped by our house with their children before going to a party. Joya, about five, snuggled into my lap while he explained that she wasn't feeling very well. Given the choice, Joya decided to stay with me instead of going to the party. "Are you sure?" asked her daddy, knowing it was more homesickness for mommy than a stomach virus.

Joya nodded and reached for the old blue quilt. "Wrap me up. All the way. It feels like love."

All year long, the old blue quilt snuggles me into the early morning presence of God while I read my Bible, pray and sip my coffee. Sometimes, it seems as though I can feel the very arms of God holding me close in that old quilt, covering me with His love.

"But let all those who go to You for safety be glad.  Let them always sing with joy.  Spread Your cover over them and keep them safe.  Then those who love You will be glad because of You."       ~Psalm 5:11, NIRV

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