Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Rescue

Brian watched the snow and glitter inside the pretty glass ball as it sparkled and danced, falling softly on the tiny baby in the manger. When the bubbles covered the top of the water he picked up the globe and shook it, mesmerized anew by the snowfall in a miniature world.

With a shatter of glass, the globe crashed to the wooden floor. Brian watched with surprise as the water washed across pieces of glass and the tiny baby in the manger lay broken at his feet. "MOOOMMMY!" he yelled.

Sarah was standing at the kitchen doorway wiping her hands with a towel, just in time to see her precious Christmas globe shatter. "Don't move, Brian. Stand still," she commanded in her 'Mother Means It' voice.  She was too scared for the little boy's safety to think about a broken world.  Her son's bare little feet were covered and surrounded by the glass.

When the child was safely rescued, Sarah snuggled him and his blanket into bed for a nap and returned to the shattered ornament. Her eyes filled with tears as she surveyed the damage.  By the time she had cleaned up the mess she was sobbing with heartbreak over the loss. She picked up the minature manger scene and set it on the counter, put away cleaning supplies and decided to take a nap herself.

"Mommy," Brian said softly, waking her gently. "I'm sorry I broke it, but it's fixed now."

Sarah smiled as she took the glass of water he handed her. Inside was the little baby Jesus in a manger from Brian's play set. He had colored snow falling on a torn piece of blue construction paper and filled the glass with water. "I made you a new world," Brian said lovingly. "Don't cry any more."

The memories in Sarah's heart flew back into the past, not to her childhood memory of receiving the snow globe, but to the original manger in Bethlehem where a precious little boy, like hers in so many ways, lay innocent in a manger. A lost world lay shattered and broken at His feet, too. Then flashed the thought of a Heavenly Father, making a rescue to protect His children, cleaning up the mess of a lost world, bringing hope to a new world.

"It's a better world," she said, setting the glass on the table, and pulling Brian into her arms. "It's a very much better world, Brian."

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