Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yoda Lessons

Do.  Or do not.  There is no try.
Photo by Niall Kennedy

I want to write a book. On my walks, in my heart, I am romancing the idea, settling into the dream.  I sense that it is a good dream, a worthwhile dream.  Fears and doubts fade to the background as my vision scopes wider and my "can-do" spirit builds momentum.  I am a beginner with a new dream.

My piano students are preparing for a recital.  The weight of performance weighs heavy on six year old Alex. I tell him what he can expect to see, to hear, to feel. I promise him once again that the only student I cannot teach to play piano is the one who quits. Some parts of achieving a dream are easy. Some are difficult. Difficult does not mean bad, I reassure him, but he is afraid.  He is a beginner with a new dream.

"But I am afraid!" he continues to argue.

I slide him away from his fear and onto my lap. "I know you are afraid. Everyone is afraid sometimes. You are ready to play your songs. You worked hard and now it is a time to be brave. Fear leads to the dark side, young Jedi. It is a time to fight the fear and make your dream come true. You can do this big important thing, Alex."

He pulls in a deep breath and straightens his back. He moves back to the keyboard. "I will be a brave young warrior," he tells me with a confident grin.  "I am a Jedi. The Force will be with me."

Even Yoda was a beginner once upon a time.

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