Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunshine Through the Door

"We never have people over," Sheila said, surprising me because her house is much bigger and fancier than my own. "I'm too tired and busy and it's too expensive anyway. There's never enough babysitting and I get so completely bored listening to people whine and complain about life. Or just drinking and talking about stupid stuff."

Sunbeams stream through the open door. Simple but nutritious gingerbread steams on the counter alongside the fruit bowl. The full teapot is steeping. Coffee is brewing. Letters to be delivered by hand lay waiting on the table.  Flowers picked in the yard by children offer a cheery welcome. Guitars are tuning up, Legos are being dumped, games are being carted upstairs. My heart leaps with joy. It's Sunday night.

Weekly the friends who are my deepest relationships, my first line of defense in times of trouble stream into my house bringing sunshine and delight into my life.We choose to stay accountable to one another, to walk alongside one another as life witnesses, to enjoy one another and hurt with one another. Being tired and busy makes me want them more not less. It's not expensive and babysitting is not necessary. Sometimes we get out the good china and the cloth napkins. Once in awhile someone makes a fancy dessert. Usually we drink out of mason jars or coffee mugs and sprawl around the living room.

I thought about Sheila last night as I snuggled newborn Johnathan, blessed and cuddled a parade of small children stopping by my recliner to memorize his face, to love him...to memorize my face, to love me. For an evening we shut out the fast paced world. Conversation moseyed a trail through deep and spiritual to silly and whimsical to peaceful contentment. Out of nothingness God weekly creates energy, strength, fortitude, joy and abundance in my home, in our hearts.

 Does your church have life groups? If not, you could start one easily. It's light years away from boring.

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