Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Things Soldier-Princesses Forget

Moving into action moves us into change. Rouse, then, Soldier-Princess. Remember who called you into battle.

Soldier Up.  We are ready to get up in the mornings if we have enough rest. Preparation for a new day begins the night before. Good decisions come from good rest. A soldier who has dressed for work and fueled her body for strength moves into action efficiently and quickly. She has a clear mind that will take every thought captive and make godly decisions. 

Power Up.  Meetings for the colonial Minutemen with their commanders was imperative.  So is our meeting with God.  Schedule time with Him as if your life depends on it.  It does. Choosing to neglect time with Him will deprive you of knowing changes in your marching orders. Strategy planning prepares you for unexpected battles in your day. Be tuned into His will so you are ready to act with a "minutes notice."

Regroup. The Minutemen knew their lives and honor depended on their comrades as well as themselves. The soldier-princesses who encourage you, mentor you and pray for you are your first line of defense. You must be transparent and honest with them about your struggles, failures and concerns. When you battle and when you train in the trenches, your life and honor depend on the soldier-princesses who know you intimately and stand the gap with you.

Reload.  Frequently through your day step back from earthly things to reset your focus on things above. Remind yourself of that Bible verse you're memorizing, say a prayer to reconnect with God, welcome an interruption to love someone.  Exchange a quick email or text with a comrade to encourage one another. Recharge your energy. Refocus your mind and heart so that you keep in step with the Spirit rather than running ahead of Him.

Refresh.  Life is hard. It's full of battles with people, circumstances, negativity and temptations. A soldier-princess knows her marching orders include time for the rest of God. Schedule time to relax, not to vacate your life, but to enjoy it and rest in green pastures by still waters. Joy comes when we take the time to seek peace so it can rule our hearts. God invites you to Sabbath rest, not because your work is done, but because His work is done.

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