Friday, March 27, 2015

Jigsaw Puzzle

A puzzle starts out a jumbled mess of pieces that don't make sense.You try the pieces one by one. Sometimes they fit together, but most of the choices in the beginning don't fit.You learn to work one section at a time. The picture unfolds slowly, painstakingly.

At least once a day you almost convince yourself this puzzle is simply too difficult to accomplish. If the puzzle goes back into the box and is returned to the shelf, a sense of failure and disappointment linger. You might decide to give up on puzzles altogether.

During winter my mother would dump a jigsaw puzzle on a card table. Every evening she worked on the puzzle.

In the beginning, she would put in lots of time on the puzzle, working long and diligently on it. As the picture began to unfold, she didn't have to work as hard. The pleasure grew and the puzzle became more fun, more rewarding.

Frequency increased her productivity. The more she'd get sidetracked and pulled away from the puzzle, the more times she had to begin again and refocus on the pile of pieces. It wasn't as fun. It wasn't as fruitful. But she stuck with it, and little bit by little bit the puzzle picture unfolded, each piece adding to what would be the completed work.

By the last pieces of the puzzle, she could see where she was going, see to the end of the challenge. She worked faster, joy building toward victory.

When the puzzle was almost finished, the last pieces were put in place by her children. I remember seeing her sitting there smiling, knowing it was almost finished as she watched us complete her work, sometimes guiding our hands so we would find success.

Frequency increases productivity. Consistency, diligence, will reap victory.

Consider that One Thing Resolution you're working to change in 2015. Did you decide it was too difficult and stick it back on the shelf? Did you become sidetracked and forget about the project until hope was gone and frustration with your same old problem took its place?

Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. Diligently, daily, show up to focus on your goal, to piece together, however painstakingly those changes that need to be made in your life.  Little bit by little bit you'll see a picture unfold that will bring you pleasure and victory at the end of your challenge. As momentum builds, you'll see results more quickly and joy will build.

You may feel like a jumbled mess of pieces that don't seem to make sense, don't seem to fit with purpose. Remember you are wondrously and lovingly made by God, the Author and Finisher of your faith.  Frequency increases productivity. Consistency will reap victory.

As the picture begins to unfold,  the pleasure for both you and your Creator will grow. Your life will become more fun, more rewarding as the picture of your life unfolds. The Father has already done the hard part of putting the pieces of your life together to make sense. Know that He sees the final picture and can guide your hands.

When the puzzle is almost finished, the last pieces are put in place by His child. Can't you see Him sitting there, smiling with pride and joy as the finished work is revealed?

Well done, Soldier-Princess. Well done.

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