Monday, January 7, 2013

Wake me up, Father

For years I have chosen one thing in my life I want to change each year. The whole "make a list of resolutions and fail by February thing" just didn't work for me. 

I choose one positive challenge. Discipline for the purpose of  godliness has brought about amazing changes. I work alongside God to be available for His purposes and He changes me from the inside out while I'm focused on Him instead of me.

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Awake. My inspirational word choice for 2013. My goal? Live fully awake to His presence.

On the second day in January 2013, truth settled at home in my heart. Bible-on-lap, heart-opened-wide, tears streaming down. I ached with disappointment. The day had been filled with accomplishments, products of my discipline and determination, wonderful accomplishments. 

The problem was I had gotten sidetracked from my goal. I slept through the day. I was not awake to God's presence like I want to be, like I resolved to be. It's a thin line, isn't it? The line between awake and asleep. One can accomplish the very same things either way. I had worked hard all day. I had made big strides toward accomplishing important tasks, good tasks. 

But, what had I missed? I missed one-of-a-kind, precious moments lived fully awake to the presence of God. I missed it. Like the family of Jesus watching Him run and play, laugh and pray. The Face of God, Emmanuel, the with-them-God living under the same roof. And they missed it.

~Father, I'm sorry when I get sidetracked from being fully awake to Your presence all around me! You keep Your side of our covenant. You did a mighty work inside of me while I remained blind to Your presence. How faithful You are, even when I am faithless! Create in me a heart that is fully awake. Wake. Me. Up. To the beautiful, amazing reality of Your presence in me, before me, beside me and behind me. Wake. Me. UP!

[For more on choosing ONE THING for your year, see One Road for Katie]

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  1. A beautiful post. I too struggle with wakefulness, so I say amen to your prayer and look forward to following your journey of wakefulness in 2013!