Monday, January 21, 2013

The God Who Takes Away


I really wanted it. Life would have been more pleasant. It wouldn't have hindered my ministries. I'm really disappointed that you said no. Why didn't you say yes?
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I am the God who sees and knows your disappointment. I am the God who orchestrates the universe.

You have much to consider besides my desires. You have reasons that never occur to me.

Do you want to know Me? You submit to my decisions when you understand. Will you submit to My decisions when you do not understand? When you do not like My answer?

I will take what You place in my open hands. I will give up what You do not give. I will say yes when You take away that which I wanted to keep and cherish.

The very giving up of that which you so deeply, urgently desire proves your life is submitted to My will, My ways, My plans.

Keep my heart tender toward You, Father. Don't let my disappointment lead me to despair. Keep my heart tuned to Your compassion and grace.

There is a time for everything. Learn to discern the seasons. I hold eternity in My hands.

And me. You hold eternity and me in Your hands.

I hold your trust tenderly. Look around you. Listen to My voice. How vast is My love for you, dear child. Beyond all measure is My tender compassion. Come, let us away to a quiet place.


  1. I nominated you for a Liebster! Hope you like it!


  2. A blog award. Thank you so very much, Tamara! I am honored by your trust. And, please, won't you stop by soon for tea and a long fireside chat?