Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wash Feet

Music by Bart Millard, Mercy Me 
Eyes set on earthly things are veiled from things above. Eyes that have not been washed clean by the mercy and compassion of the Father, are blinded to the Word of God.

We are called to one mission: to love people to Jesus.

Many have become militant and loud in their opinions, trying to prove they are right. Having forgotten all about being Christ like, they become self-righteous, judgmental, harsh.

Do we proclaim to be a Jesus-Follower, yet laugh, make jokes, and mock those who believe differently? Do we not realize how extremely unattractive and prideful our words sound to a dying world?

God's Word has washed our eyes clean so we can see the character and heart of God. Jesus, our example, tenderly, patiently, washed feet so that He might teach His disciples truth. He lived kindness, self-control, faithfulness. His love caused Him to go about doing good, speaking truth gently to draw people to Him.

Jesus, our servant-leader, washed eyes and hearts by first washing feet.

Word of God speak. Would You pour down like rain washing our eyes to see Your majesty?

Oh, Father. Teach us to use that rain water, full of grace and mercy, to wash feet, not to sling mud.

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