Friday, January 11, 2013

Obedience is not a Bad Word

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Spiritual mothering. When I first spoke those words and accepted it as my calling, I had never heard the term. It was a new thought, fresh from my study of Paul's relationship to Timothy.  But, it's an old idea that's been around since, well, Paul and Timothy.

There is nothing new under the sun. 

For a writer seeking fresh topics it can be humbling, even frustrating. Frequently I get enthusiastic about new insights, new ministry, new creative possibility. Just as I hit my stride, ready to change the world with my ideas, I learn that someone else has made the same discovery. Someone else has already written the book, taught the class, made the t-shirt. The air leaves my balloon and the excitement I feel shrivels up. Focus turns on self and disappointment turns to discouragement.

Getting sidetracked? Losing focus? Those have been problems since Eve met evil face to face in the garden. Yet, all these centuries later, I struggle just as she did. Satan flashes bright lofty thoughts before me. I turn my eyes away from Jesus for a split second, and my heart is pulled back to my own desires.

Humility is rugged, tested-and-tried obedience. Humility is fighting with a faith that is emptied of self, filled to overflowing with the power of God. Humility is seeing the big picture through the eyes of a God who has a plan for each of His people, for His world. Humility brings focus.

What hinders you today? Are you sidetracked by putting self first? Is there always that one thing that you can't give up, even for Him?  That one thing Satan dangles before you that you do not resist? 

Obedience opens the door to humility.  When humility shines a bright light on God's plans, powerful world-wide change becomes possible.  

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