Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Road for Katie

Determined to make changes in her life, Katie prints a list of new year resolutions on her favorite stationary. With a committment born of determination, she signs her name at the bottom. When the scrapbook page has been designed, it is posted on the bathroom wall where it can be a daily inspiration for change.

On a dreary February day, Katie studies her list and sighs. Discouragement has replaced hope. She still admires the creative page, so beautifully color co-ordinated with the bathroom decor. She still wants to accomplish her goals. She is still praying that God will help her become a better person. The reality of Katie's life, however, reveals not enough time and energy to recreate herself in one year.

When Katie phoned me to discuss her frustration, her question for me was simply stated. "These changes need to be made in my life. I'm running out of time. How am I supposed to change when it's too hard? I can't do this and I hate failure! Tell me what to do!"

"You can't do it, my darling," I agreed gently. "You are going to fail. Not because you don't want to change bad enough. Not because you aren't strong enough. Not because you aren't praying enough for God's help. You're going to fail because it's too hard to change so many things at once. You're spinning in all directions yet going nowhere. Change one thing. Put it on project status and you'll make it happen this year."

As we leave 2010, land of missed opportunities, we begin our journey into 2011, land of possibilities. Choose one resolution for change, one new road to walk. Like Katie, you may discover hope flowering all along the way.

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