Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tumeric, Guernseys and Cinnamon Rolls

My husband is often quick to assure me that Google knows all. This is reassuring because what I don't know is vast indeed. Yet the Biblical calling to love and teach younger women is as relevant now as it was when Titus 2 was written.

Welcoming younger women into your life allows them access to what you know and who you are becoming, your successes and failures. If we took our calling seriously and joyfully we could turn around the downward spiral caused by broken homes and wounded spirits. We are called to change the world simply by being available to younger women.It will light you up from the inside out, create adventure and fill your life with purpose.

The spice turmeric is what makes chicken soup have that "yummy yellow" color. I needed to know this for a spiritual daughter at 7:00 this morning. As the morning progressed, I also needed to know various breeds of dairy cattle, a good recipe for cinnamon rolls and how to make vegetable soup without a recipe. Later I reported on reasons farmers appreciate snow and helped a new librarian know authors that would delight a six year old.

Those seemingly unimportant tidbits we pick up along the way create conversations that lead to relationships. The relationship formed from more easily researched questions makes you available for deeper spiritual searching. How do I know if he is the right guy for me? Why didn't anyone ever tell me the mistakes I was making? How do I have joy when my child has died? How could God love me when my own parents didn't want me? How do you know God is real?

The Bible has answers for life and godliness. In your lifetime of learning to walk with Jesus you are continually gaining wisdom and discernment. The classroom of your heart is filled with notes from lessons learned and file folders stuffed with thoughts and experiences. The classroom of your heart was never intended to be a hidden closet cluttered with secrets.

How many times have you longed for someone older and wiser to guide you? Who in your life loved you enough to open the door to the classroom of her heart? Teach what is good and encourage younger women so that the Word of God is not dishonored.

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