Monday, January 3, 2011

Walk by Faith

I like Mondays. I like mornings. Being up early to catch the world awakening charms me. It's like the moment when you crest a hill and view all the beauty waiting to be discovered. New creative thoughts delight me. Deeper insights fascinate me.

"Come," Father beckons me. "Walk by faith and not by sight." Hope floats in during my prayers as grace washes me clean. Joy comes, refreshing me, spurring me onward. I am learning to welcome the passing of time. Morning by morning new mercies I see. It is both reassuring and motivating, this mystery of aging.

Anticipation. Whether we approach life with joy or sorrow, eagerly or filled with dread, much depends on how we have discerned our time and priorities. Worry, fear and regret eat away my heart and health as well as my hours. I find myself resigned to loss, failure and disappointment. I become selfish, crabby and discouraged. That hasn't worked well for me.

On this, the first Monday morning of the new year, my life is a clean slate. I am choosing an inspiring guide word for myself each year of this decade. My word for 2011 is walk.

I'm moving forward and climbing higher this year. Will you journey with me by faith and not sight? Come. Walk alongside.

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