Thursday, January 27, 2011

Camels and the Single Girl

The camel that lives in my neighborhood is a good teacher. He remains calm and steadfast whether the heat of summer scorches or the icy winter chills. Maybe camels never get very excited about anything, but the one I know is definitely not equipped with a panic button.

I don't know about in your neighborhood, but camels are not native to Missouri. Growing up on a Midwestern farm provided lessons in milking cows, shearing sheep and delivering piglets, but not so much about camels.

One of the few tidbits I learned about camels before meeting one is they can spit. I have no idea why. I mean, do camels spit because they drink 20 gallons of water at a time and overload? Do they spit for entertainment when bored on long distances? Is it an anger management issue? I do not know the answers to these questions and my neighborhood camel is not talking. Frankly, his mouth is usually too full of cud to speak in polite company.

But Rebekah knew all about camels. When God's servant went to seek a wife for Isaac during Biblical times, Rebekah was found watering her camels. She was not out tent hopping, investigating the lives of rich bachelors on television or shopping for a colorful luring tunic. Therefore, when she was least expecting it, in God's perfect timing, God's man came searching and found her doing what she had been called to do, watering her camels.

Probably you are not called to be watering camels. It's possible you don't even know any camels, thirsty or otherwise. But, what is it you are called to be doing today? If you are a single girl who would like to be married someday it's an important question to ponder. Where will you be when God's man comes searching for you? What are you doing with your singleness?

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