Thursday, January 13, 2011

Infinity and Beyond

Last night my president encouraged the country as we ache together over tragedy. A dream woke me this morning with recent sorrow in the foreground of my emotions. The morning local news reported a tragedy near one of our schools. Each of you reading this blog are fighting demons, battling for a faith that keeps fighting. Life rips our hearts and tramples our hopes.

My Elizabeth shared little Ben's prayer last night: "Dear God, Thank you to infinity and beyond. Amen."

It made me laugh because he is seriously cute, but then I began to ponder. Confession. Sometimes infinity and beyond gets forgotten in my prayers. Tragedy and sorrow remind us there is a God who is able. Then, in frustration, we ask, "He IS able, so what sort of God won't stop the crisis before it happens?"

The God who sees me loves with infinite love beyond what I can grasp. He is indeed the God who is able. He is the God who is in control. It is true even when I don't understand His ways. It is true even when my heart is broken.

Father, I am grateful to be led by a child. Teach me to thank You even when I don't understand Your ways. Help me to acknowledge Your goodness and mercy in the midst of tragedy and sorrow. I trust You with my life even when I am angry, disappointed, frustrated and filled with sorrow. You are the God who bottles my tears and hurts with me. You are the God who is infinite beyond what I can grasp. You are worthy of my trust and I will walk by faith and not by sight. Thank You for Your people who are available to encourage me through my suffering.

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