Monday, January 17, 2011

Under Enemy Fire

Oh, Lord, how my enemies have increased!
They are unseen, but I hear them taunt me. They are bent on destruction.
They speak to my very soul.
"You'll never be pure in heart." "You aren't lovable."
"You'll never make it." "Loser." "Weak." "Helpless."
They aim for me. They are like tanks, strategically placed.
War is declared and I am the battlefield.

But, You, Oh, Lord, are a shield around me.
Your favor and love protect me.
You are my glory and the lifter of my head.
You are the One who is mighty to save.

I cry to you with pleadings and fears.
You answer me from high on Your holy mountain.
You are the God who calls me to You.

You quiet me with your love. Tenderly You hold me.
You comfort me with your singing.
You sustain me. Even in sleep, You are there.
When I awake Your voice is the first I hear.

I will not be afraid of ten thousand enemies who surround me.
You are the God who sees me. You are the God who answers me.
You are the God who is able to protect me.

I am the apple of your eye.
I am your bride.
You have the power to save, the desire to save.
Salvation belongs to You. Victory belongs to You.

Keep blessing Your child with favor. Do not stop being the God who is mine.
You are my King. You are a faithful warrior and a steadfast comforter.
You fight for me and I stand back to hold my peace in battle.
You sing to me and I rest in Your arms.

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