Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Breakfast to Remember

God is bigger today.

We had breakfast together, the Lord and I. Vanilla coffee and farm fresh eggs. Hot biscuits with melting butter and honey. Antique tablecloth and cloth napkins. I love a God who is always faithful. Always shows up before I do. It teaches me to notice Him, keeps me fully awake to His goodness, makes me overflow with joy and gratitude.

After you've been with Jesus awhile, begun to train yourself to be thankful, to thrill in His being sovereign, every year you grow, you find Him bigger. And, sometimes, like for me this morning, you have a sudden realization that His care is not only personal,faithful and good, but big. Huge. Gigantic.

"Wow,"I said aloud to Him. You absolutely blow my mind!" The trees must have clapped their hands. Three squirrels, a garden of flowers, one Monarch butterfly and a hummingbird all heard me say it, saw me raise hands and burst forth into song.

My life song, my masterpiece, the art God is sculpting out of the junk of my life is not that I am fulfilling my calling to become a spiritual mother, that I have spent a lifetime discovering what that means. It is not the 33 years and still counting I have spent on the college campus loving students to Jesus. The opus of my life is the lives whom I have influenced while being available in such a place as this wonderful world.

Even my life song, the masterpiece of my life, is not about what God can do for me or in me, but through me. Even my life song is all about Him.

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