Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Princess and the Dragon


The evil one, the ancient dragon, set his sights on me early yesterday morning. Like a roaring lion, he stalked me, seeking to devour me. He was determined that I would not teach on spiritual warfare at the prison last night, wasn't he?

He was strategic in his attack. He weakened me physically, shook me emotionally, confused me mentally and challenged me spiritually far beyond what I could endure.

Oh, but You had prepared Your princess for battle! You had trained my prayer warriors to be alert and to battle with me. Hard blows had me down for the count. He had a plan for my destruction and more than ever before, I was aware of it. I trembled at his power and wanted to run from him.

Over and over, I whispered to you, "Do not be afraid. Trust me."

You have trained me to know Your voice even in the dust and noise and fray of battle. You had a plan for victory and more than ever before, I was aware of it. I delighted in Your power and wanted to run to You.

I brought victory, beauty and protection to a treacherous battlefield. I am the God who is able to do more than you ask or imagine.

Oh, Father, how I love being Your daughter, the child of the King of Kings, Ruler over all. You are sovereign, the Lord Most High. You alone are worthy of praise, the Conquering King!

Rest today, my soldier princess. I am the God who heals and gives rest. You are sweetly broken.

I know whom I have believed and I am convinced that You are able to protect that which I have committed to You.

Come. Let us away.

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