Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping List

One of these days I must go shopping. I am completely out of SELF-RESPECT. I want to exchange the SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS I picked up the other day for some HUMILITY which they say is less expensive and wears better.

I want to look at some TOLERANCE which is being used for wraps this season; and someone showed me some pretty samples of PEACE; we are so low on that and we can never have too much of it.

By the way, I must try to match some PATIENCE that my neighbor wears. It is very becoming to her and I think would look equally good on me. I might try that garment of LONG-SUFFERING that they are displaying. I never thought I would want to wear it.

And I must not forget to have my SENSE OF HUMOR mended, and look for some inexpensive EVERYDAY GOODNESS. It is surprising how quickly one's stock of goods is depleted. Yes, I must go shopping soon.

~Patricia Mueller

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