Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Story for Lindsey

Lindsey and Renee stopped by this morning for tea. Snuggled in antique quilts by the fire place, we warmed our hands around big mugs decorated with snowmen. We warmed our hearts talking about praying to the God who answers us.

"Will you tell us prayer stories?" Lindsey asked as she snuggled deeper into her quilt with a contented sigh. "I love that our God is an action God and prayer stories motivate me to pray more."

She's right, isn't she? Hearing that God is answering prayers hones our faith, stirs our emotions and prods us to pray more fervently. Our shared prayer stories remind us that God protects, provides and plans for His people.

After we shared stories, I encouraged them to collect stories of answered prayers from their own prayer adventures. It's easy to get sidetracked and even disheartened by someone else's life. It's so tempting to wonder if anything spectacular could ever happen to plain old us.

Jesus lived the ultimate true life adventure. What a lot of stories we know about His answered prayers! But, have you ever pondered those hours Jesus spent alone in prayer with Father? Those would have been the most amazing answered prayer stories of all! I hope Jesus shares those stories some day, but He may not. Some stories belong only to the Father and the child.

The God who answered prayers in the true life adventures of Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is still answering prayers. The God who captivates our attention with the answered prayer adventures of Hannah, Phoebe, Anna and Tabitha is still writing stories.

But, the best prayer story you will ever hear is the one you and God write together as you live your own true life adventure filled with answered prayers. What's happening in your story today?

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