Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heart to Heart: Little Things

Summer breeze at sunrise. Flowers bursting with color. Antique china with pink roses. Father met me for breakfast on my patio this quiet Sabbath morning. My Bible, prayer book and journal were never yet, what a lovely morning tea we enjoyed! Some of the most precious times with Father are spent in stillness, quietness, peaceful enjoyment of being together.

When we finished breakfast, Father helped me weed the garden and we discussed several lessons learned from growing tomatoes and peppers. Afterward, I went back inside the house, refreshed and strengthened.

A question lingers in my mind this morning. "What would bring God to the edge of his seat, that would make him smile and say, ”I like her faith!"

Father reminded me that when it comes to vegetable gardening, I have little experience and knowledge. My hands and energy are weakened by arthritis, but I can stir up the soil, pull small weeds, tie up tomato branches and harvest the smaller vegetables. Most of the time I am very aware that bigger jobs, more important jobs, need to be done, but I simply do what I can do. Someone who loves me and is able will take care of the rest.

It's true in life as well. I don't know what I could do in my life that is big and amazing. Father says if I am faithful in little things I will be faithful in much. My growing faith is not about how unique or amazing or big what I'm called to do is in the eyes of others. My faith grows when I do what I can do. Without faith it is impossible to please Father, but He makes it easy. He tells us faith the size of a mustard seed matters. Someone who loves me and is able will take care of the rest. And my little bit of faith can move mountains!

Do what you can do. Let God do what only He can do. He who gives refreshing will indeed be refreshed. Doing little things opens up conversations that can one day become relationships Father can develop to woo people to Him.

School begins soon, but there is still time to milk summer for all its worth. Find a friend with a convertible and go follow the sun as it sets. Take your shoes off, roll up your pant legs, and let your feet dangle off the dock into the water. Grab a Mason jar and stand still…you’re never too old to chase a firefly or two! When you hear the ice cream truck making its rounds, go inside, grab your wallet and savor an orange push pop from the comforts of your favorite lawn chair. Hide-n-go seek, water balloon fights, bike rides, a cannonball to soak the lifeguard, an evening watching little league baseball, a tall glass of cold lemonade, running through the sprinkler…

Just simply be with people. Encourage others as you go through your days...Ask a waitress what you could pray for her. Giggle and play with the children in your neighborhood. Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger. Go through McDonalds to get a 49 cent ice cream cone and buy one for the stranger in the car behind you...Refresh others and you will be refreshed. Live life with your eyes wide open and your heart full of faith that God is able to do more than we even ask or imagine!

Do what you can do and let God do what only He can do. He who refreshes will be refreshed.

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