Friday, July 30, 2010

Songbird Learns About Sharks

Carolanne was in much need of a break from pestering her mother who was expecting a third child. Snuggling with a stack of library books, I shared one interesting fact after another in a book about sharks.

"How do you know so much about sharks?" she said softly, snuggling closer. "I like sharks." In reality, I know very little about sharks, but it's easy to impress a small child when reading a book and pointing out details described beside a picture.

"I learn things from books just like you do, Songbird."

"Well, you know very muchliness about things," she said.

I do know "muchliness" about things. More than any previous generation we are bombarded with information. We are even bombarded with information about how we are overwhelmed with information.

Oh, Father, won't you help me know Your ways?
Teach me Your pathway, Your wisdom, Your truths.
Fill my head with Your words.
Open the eyes of my heart to know You.
I will be still. I will let down my hands to pursue peace.
I delight in Your ways and I will not forget Your words.

Carolanne, my precious little Songbird, decided after our discussion that perhaps it would be ideal if her mommy gave birth to a baby shark rather than a baby person. Frequently we take in too much information and it totally warps our thinking.

How comforting to know the Bible is true with information to treasure, ponder and enjoy. It never warps our thinking ...and how comforting it is to know that God in His wisdom sent us Katherynn rather than a baby shark.

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