Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Father's Apprentice

I have been  doing a lot of rubbing elbows with the Creator of the universe lately. In His ongoing challenge to mold me into His likeness one day at a time, there is an increase of His activity. I am being wooed into His presence and becoming enthralled with Him in new exciting ways.

He is the Author and the Finisher of my faith. It is no surprise to me that He is changing me. Indeed, I have asked Him to do that very thing. What surprises me is discovering how much I am allowed to be aware of the process.

Joy constantly overflows from the heart of God and it is splashing onto me. He works in my heart showing me how to love more fervently. My brain is being challenged to dig deeper into His Words for wisdom, insights and knowledge of His ways.  My hearing becomes more acute and I find myself hanging on His every word. As I ponder what He is teaching me lately, my vision of the world is becoming more clearly focused.

The harder He works, the better I feel! I am increasingly intrigued by His love for me and how personal it is to Him. His merciful patience in changing me shows a God who is willing to finish what He starts. I am His apprentice and it is a marvel to watch Him work.

I love that God is an action God. This is my Father's world and He is out to change it.

Pray First. Dream Big. Live Joy. Work Hard. Finish Strong.

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