Friday, January 13, 2012

Work That Thing!

Work your "One Thing" into being.
"We cannot dream ourselves into what we could be", I explained. "You have to have a plan of action to make things happen. Dreams are of great worth, but only when they're carried out in practice."

But I'm not an organized person like you," Melissa said sadly, shaking her head with disappointment. "I just want a clean house! Is that such a big dream? I'm drowning in chaos."

With tears in her eyes, she said softly, "Will you pray for me?"


I smiled at her look of surprise, then explained. "It's not prayer you need. You have faith without action. We have been praying about this for years. You need discipline. You need to roll up your sleeves and work on the problem."

Melissa nodded, smiling sheepishly. "I'm lazy. You're right."

"Satan says you're lazy. He's a big fat liar. You work very hard, Missy. You are teaching your children, caring for your family, reading the Word, cleaning your house, cooking meals, helping out at church."

I refilled her tea cup, praying for wisdom and the strength of gentleness in my salty words. "You need to stop hoarding things that God could be using to bless the lives of others. You need to have your children work much harder than they do. I will help you empty your house of stuff and I will encourage you and cook for you and teach you a method that works. But, I won't pray for you about this until you decide that you are ready to give all your possessions to God. You gave Him your heart, Missy. Trust Him with your chaos and clutter."

What keeps you from living a well-ordered life? What clutters your mind and life, holding you back from excellence?

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