Friday, September 17, 2010

Father Fun

You know, Father, one of the things I love best about You is that You're fun.

It's fun putting a simple dollar in little Devon's hands and knowing the ice cream cones he bought for himself and his mom helped make being abandoned by his dad in McDonald's a little easier to endure. It's fun knowing that Ladeena will have something to eat this weekend all because we tossed a box of macaroni and cheese into the shopping cart. It's fun to know that the bouquet of flowers we took to grumpy old Mr. Grayson made the frown he had when opening his door turn to laughter. It's fun knowing that the orange-cranberry scones we delivered to the hospital were enjoyed by nurses who thought coffee alone was going to keep them going during a tough shift.

It's no wonder You love a cheerful giver. It's just fun! A cheerful heart makes for a happy face and a cheerful heart has a continual feast. My heart is full. I'm satisfied. I like being with You and giving to other people.

I wish I could have known the little boy who gave You his five loaves of bread and 2 fishes to feed the 5,000 people. What a fun day for that kid! At Show and Tell the next day he surely pulled a small piece of that bread out of his pocket and said, "Check this out. " I'll bet it put a smile on the face of Jesus, too. I'll bet it was fun.

There's nothing funny about being hungry, homeless or lonely. It's not fun to be in prison or in the hospital, but it's fun being a part of ending those things one person at a time when we do it together.

So, what shall we do today, Papa God? We haven't made cinnamon rolls for the firemen lately. I've got some cookie dough. We could see if Heather feels like baking cookies for her kids. We could go to the nursing home and see if anyone wants to go for a walk. It's a pretty day to go to the park. We could take lunch and eat with people we meet...

Or I know...We could scrapbook some cards and leave notes around the neighborhood. Maybe even ring the doorbells and run, watching from behind the trees....Whatcha think? Want to? C'mon, it'll be fun!

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