Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Prepared Heart

Father, please won't You open doors of conversation for me today? Help me to notice doors of opportunities that may one day lead to spiritual conversations; first encounters with people living far away from You that may one day lead to solid relationships.

Please go before me today swinging the doors wide open so I can walk in the ways You have prepared for me, your activities, for Your pleasure and purpose. Use my time and make it Yours. Use my gifts and make them Yours. Use my day and make it Yours.

Thank You for perpetual access to You whether I am in full battle or resting in cozy splendid surroundings. You are unlimited love. Every move I make I make in You for You are my everything. You remind me from Your Word what I will need to know for today and it gives strength, boldness and gentleness.

I am amazed by Your sweet devotion to me, Your beloved disciple. Thank You for Your willingness to teach me and guide me, a standing invitation to be with You.

Okay, Father. I think I'm ready to face the world now...Let's go.

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