Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Rock for Eleanor Rose

The first time Ellie and I observed nature together, we talked about deciduous trees. Well, more accurately, I talked while she listened attentively. She was only a few weeks old and had decided the sermon that Sunday was not her cup of tea so we ditched church and headed outside to observe the leaves gently blowing in the soft breeze. She knew absolutely nothing about trees so we eagerly began her first nature lesson.

When Ellie was one we created her first painting by splashing paint into rainbows, trees and flowers. She shrieked in delight over the colors that God had used to paint our world.

When Ellie was two we painted rocks. We like rocks, Ellie and I, but when we find one in need of razzle dazzle we are quick to get creative and provide God with assistance.

When Ellie was three we took a nature walk. This took awhile because by this time she was well on her way to her life's calling of entomologist, but we took our time observing and using scientific vocabulary, wondering and wandering.

When Ellie was four we began to spend time in much deeper discussions about nature. I have to use my Golden Guides to understand her vocabulary because she uses big words, but I try to follow along and keep up.

This weekend I was studying insects, rocks and trees so I can draw them in my nature journal and impress Ellie. And, just between you and me, it postpones the day I have to study bats and rats which are so completely not my cup of tea but thrill her endlessly.

I was reminded of a God who knew before the foundations of the world who my little Ellie would become. Even as we waited, prayed and dreamed during the months that God was knitting her together in her mother's womb, God knew the ups and downs she would face. He knew her strengths and weaknesses, her likes and dislikes. He knew which bug she would notice and which rock she would treasure. He knew what would make her afraid and what would send her into a fit of giggles. He knew every word, every thought, every day, every year.

The God who from nothingness spoke insects, rocks and trees into being not only knew Ellie, but looked upon her with loving interest, compassionate tenderness and deep longing for relationship with her. And not only Ellie, but each of us.

There is nothing I would not do to protect, teach and provide for Ellie. I love her. I notice her. I enjoy her. I want a relationship with her. What a wonder that God the Creator, the Alpha and Omega, The Rock of the Ages, looks at us with those very same thoughts!

Rock of ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee!

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