Monday, September 6, 2010

Prayer Perks

This is my list of ways to perk up my prayer life. Sometimes I want something new and different to do with Father, something that will increase my delight in time spent with Him. Just like in any relationship, conversation can become stale and tired. I always want the real me to be talking to the real Him. I want my relationship with Him to be creative, engaging and alive.

Write down the prayer.
Record your prayer.
Study the prayers in the Bible.
Pray from character lists.
List all the praises that come to mind.
Pray at a different time of day.
Give praying all night a try.
Read the Bible to God.
Pray in various poses.
Change where you pray.
List specific requests on a 3x5 card
List answered prayers.
Wrestle with Him over things that bring struggle in your life.
Pray the scriptures.
Pray from hymns and songs.
Memorize prayers of other Christians.
Search for practical solutions to your prayer requests.
Send notes to people you’re praying for to let them know.
Send prayers to people.
Read books on prayer to gain new insights and creativity.
Ask someone to be your prayer partner.
Fast for prayer guidance and growth.
Discuss prayer life with other Christians for ideas.
Sit quietly in a cemetery to meditate and pray.
Take a walk in the woods and look for details.
Choose a new area or topic of Bible study
Search the Word for new thoughts.
Post scriptures on your mirrors to motivate you.
Start a new prayer journal.
Memorize scriptures about prayer.
Browse through your prayer file.
Pray as many things as you can for yourself or another person.
Ask someone to pray for your prayer life to get out of its slump.
Wait. Be still and wait. Watch with alert anticipation.

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