Friday, September 10, 2010

Whatiffing Party Dance

Last night while I was laying in bed,
some whatiffs got stuck inside my head.

They danced and partied all night long,
and made up their own little whatiff song:

What if a piano falls on my head?
What if one day I wake up dead?
What if nobody likes my hair?
What if I never learn to share?
What if my cat gets hit by a car?
What if I wish on a shooting star?
What if I want to dance in the rain?
What if I can't get out that stain?
What if I happen to fall in love?
What if I get pooped on by a turtle dove?
What if I get taken for ransom?
What if I meat a boy and I think he's handsome?
What if I never go the extra mile?
What if I can't help but to smile?
What if I get hit by a bus?
What if I accidentally cuss?
What if the sun never sets?
What if I never own any pets?
What if the wind never blows?
What if I fall and break my nose?
Just when I think the whatiffs are gone,
they sneak in again and keep me up until dawn.

By Nicole Netti
Adapted from Shel Silverstein Shel

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