Thursday, September 30, 2010

Needing Gentle Rest

I'm discouraged, Father...disheartened.

My mind is weary from searching for words of comfort and guidance. People need answers and encouragement for exhausted, hurting hearts, but there seems to be no discernment, no wisdom that I can offer that is enough to comfort them. My mind is cluttered and confused, overwhelmed, full of the words of bruised reeds.

My body is tired from fighting sickness. I am weak and worn, aging and hurting. I want to be strong and healthy, to take good care of myself, but it's so much easier to give up rather than to be disciplined and steadfast.

My spirit is broken from betrayal and disappointment in friends I thought I could trust to stand true. Where there once was laughter, confidence and fun there is now emptiness and vulnerability, loneliness.

My joy is resting, quieted, peaceful. Hope has floated in with the setting of the sun and the slowing down of the day. You hold on to me with everlasting love and I am not downcast, but I am discouraged and I am looking forward to Your healing.

Restore me, Father. Fill me up again and prepare me for noble purpose. Being with You is all I need. Lots and lots of just being with You.

There is a quiet place, far from the maddening pace, where You can soothe my troubled mind. Shady green pastures with cool waters and gentle rest...Can we go there now? Could we just go there?

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