Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hail, Hail, Lion of Judah

Holy Father,

You are too wonderful for me, too marvelous are your deeds! I cannot wrap my mind around what You are doing in my life and I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around who You are.

Earth, this tiny blue dot on the map of the universe, 93 million miles away from the sun in the Milky Way, is one of billions of galaxies with trillions of stars. You hold it all together in the palm of Your hands. Who am I that You would engrave my name in the palm of those all-powerful hands? Who am I that You would sit with me, speak to me, want to be with me?

You are the God who sees, the God who is able. How do I find words to dare speak to You, to enter Your presence? You, oh, God, are a consuming fire. I don't even know what that means! And now I'm trying to figure out intimacy with You? I'm overwhelmed by that, afraid of that.

Come, My child, let us reason together. You are the apple of My eye.
You are loved with an everlasting love.

Teach me to see the real You, the Lion of Judah. How did Moses feel in Your presence? And Noah? Hannah? Abraham? Teach me to tremble in Your presence, to recognize holy ground. Never let me forget that You are the Holy One of Israel. Teach my heart to bow before You and crown You the King.

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