Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dancing Over the Finish Line

Dancing the Charleston to "Mighty to Save" with Husband before breakfast? Romantic. Dancing with Katherynn to her newly written song,"Dancity-Dancity-Cackeley-Backeley"? Silly. Dancing thru life to the beat of a different drummer? Risky. Dancing on streets that are golden someday? Priceless.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a dancer for awhile. My parents didn't think it was a very practical dream for someone diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Being a musician is the dream I'm living, but I still love to dance.

Rain came in and washed away the possibility of dancing this morning. I'm counting it a blessing to be able to type without an onslaught of pain, but on the inside? On the inside my heart is dancing and I find that reassuring during tough times.

Sometimes during the "just-dropped-peanut-butter-toast-on-my-clean-shirt-and-I'm-late-for-work" days my dance steps get a little bit awkward and forgotten. It makes me wonder if I would stand true and finish strong during persecution or turn tail and run.

Sharing that concern with Father over coffee this morning I learned that He knows the more difficult dance steps and He will teach me on a need to know basis. If I'm dancing like 2 year old Katherynn, then it's because that's the dance step I'm ready to do. The more days I have danced through the pain in life, the more I am prepared to stand true and finish strong during a much more difficult time.

Life does indeed get difficult and it's often like dancing through a minefield, but as Garth Brooks sings, "I could have missed the pain, but I'd have missed the dance".

I'm ready to run the race with a strong and steady pace. Sometimes it's a stumbling along walking by faith not sight, sometimes it's breaking into a strong fast runner's stride and sometimes....I'm dancing.

I'm thinking that if I practice my dance steps with the diligent discipline of a dancer I might just get to Charleston across the finish line someday! Maybe I'll even wake up dancing with the great crowd of witnesses on streets that are golden....gonna be some kind of street dance!

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