Saturday, August 7, 2010

Be Still

The dormancy of a plant, dying so that it can bear fruit in the spring, helps the plant become resilient, to thrive despite weather extremes. The seed ignores the environmental clues and begins to live from the inside-out rather than from the outside-in. Being still does this for us. We stop being driven from the world outside and begin to live from the quiet place inside of us.

God uses us to meet the needs of people. He likes His plan to use His weak, flawed people to shine His light in a dark world. Have you discovered that there is a whole pile of needs? People aren't used to being cared for, are they? They can suck the life right out of you with the demands of their needs.

To "be still and know God" requires a backing away from worldly environment, a time of dormancy so that we can thrive despite the changing weather of people and circumstances. I'm not talking about just taking a needed break, but being still in a way that restores you and makes you grow.

In Mark 1, Jesus, we are told, rises early in the morning, while it is still dark. He goes to a quiet place to be alone, to be still. It kept Him going. It made Him able to thrive. The disciples told Him, "Everyone is looking for you!" As if Jesus isn't meeting enough needs and doesn't see the pile of brokenness all around Him, right?

Haven't you felt that way? A young mom heads into the bathroom for a piece of quiet and suddenly the 6 year old is yelling, "MOM!" and the happy thump of the dog's tail sounds to her like the beating of a drum keeping in time with the toddler's crying and the 3 year old's knocking on the door. Be still? Yeah, right.

The college girl drags her exhausted body from bed, zips across campus from class to class, racing the deadlines, speeding off to a job, already late, homework looming at the end of her shift. Be still? Yeah, right.

Jesus was so much busier than we are, but yet he wasn't a heart attack waiting to happen. Our theme song is "I am so busy!" and though God invites us to be still, we are too busy to accept His invitation. Jesus openly showed us that being still is not just a suggestion, but is rooted in His very character. To be like Jesus, you must be still.

I am not saying don't feed the hungry toddler. I am not saying ditch your job and homework. I am saying that the Creator of the heavens and earth has given you permission to rest. He has called you to "let down your hands", to be still. He has commanded you to be still because you need it to live from the inside-out. You need it to grow, to thrive in the worldly environment.

Be still. He's waiting to hear from you.

God's cell phone number: Jeremiah 33:3..."Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things which you do not know."

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