Thursday, August 5, 2010

Muddy Boots

Father, Dr. Luke and I just finished sharing a glass of iced tea and some cranberry-oatmeal cookies. I was fairly quiet and ate most of the cookies while they did most of the teaching. My heart seems to have paused on Luke 18:1 and the admonishment that we "ought to pray and not to lose heart".

Pray and do not lose heart...*smile. In the land that is plentiful, where the streams of abundance flow, I can still find myself discouraged and disheartened. I feel the splash of muddy waters filling up my boots on my faith-walk and suddenly realize that once again I have taken my eyes off Jesus, started trusting in my own thoughts and ways....and like Peter walking on the sea I begin to sink.

I am a Christ-follower with decades of learning to walk in His steps. I am a lead-follower with many who trust what I say and do. My faith is strong, but my heart is "deceitful above all things". The evil one is alive and busy with trying to implement his plans for my life. There are no pedestals you can put people on that protect them from failures and disappointments.

Pray...Such a small word, isn't it? When Peter was sinking and turned His eyes back to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of his faith, his faith-walk straightened out and his heart began to soar rather than to panic. We ought to pray and to not lose heart.

I like it out of the boat, walking in the rapidly changing waters with Jesus. I have learned that sometimes He calms the storm and other times He calms my heart and lets the storm rage around me. He has a plan and if I have to be disappointed and wait or if I need to sacrifice without understanding why, greater glory will come for the kingdom.

"Pray and do not lose heart" ...I believe that's one doctor's advice I will follow because it came straight from Father's heart...the God who sees and is able.

As I held hands with Dr. Luke and Father this morning for prayer, it occurred to me that in 6 small words Dr. Luke gave me Father's prescription for good health as I walk by faith and not sight...and I will finish strong.

Pray hard. Love deep. Finish strong.

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