Monday, August 16, 2010

A Teacup Full of Gentleness

Gentleness is not so impressive to people as it was in past generations. People are sidetracked from gentleness by hectic schedules, fast paced entertainment and lifestyles that call "Hamburger Helper" a home-cooked meal and 6 hours of sleep a good night’s rest. Being in an atmosphere of intensity, continual ambition and hurry leaves us feeling overwhelmed, depleted, bone weary. Much is missed when we neglect the fruit of gentleness in our lives!

Gentleness takes time. It requires stepping back and taking the time to seek peace, to be intimate with God, to pause from continual action. Children crave gentleness. They seek quiet times to refresh and think. They create mild moments and are quite willing to interrupt their day for gentle words, gentle touches and gentle thoughts. I learned this the year that Kaelyn was 4 years old. We were planting a gladiola garden which later, forgetting the flower name, she would call her "Happy Garden".

Karen: What’s wrong, Peanut? Are you done helping me make the garden?
Kaelyn: Yes. I’m dirty. I require tea. Let’s dip graham crackers in our tea.
Karen: Do you need some books and a nap?
Kaelyn: Oh no. I just need tea. In the pretty cups. With the golden spoons.
Karen: Anything else?
Kaelyn: I really think not.

To have the strong, healthy, sweet fruit of gentleness, we must take time to cultivate it. We must give the Spirit time and opportunity to produce it. We get tired, dirty, wrapped up in our busy lives and so quickly forget the gentleness of our Shepherd Savior. I have learned to take that step back and enjoy the God who is there and who is not silent. A glowing candle, a cup of tea, a mild moment to be still and know God, to be reminded of His words and His ways.

Sometimes it’s not so much that life is hard as that I just need some gentle moments added into my life. Sometimes I just require tea.

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