Sunday, August 22, 2010

Surprised by Change

When did it happen? How did it happen? I'm not sure I even understand why it happened, but You changed me from the inside out, Father.

I walked by faith and not by sight. I loved deeply with my whole heart. I gave everything I had, everything I am and ever hoped to be. I sacrificed and I learned as I walked. And all my weaknesses and failures were not only covered by Your grace and mercy, but used to cause good and successes and growth and blessings.

You were changing me while I went through every day trying to obey, trying to give You my whole heart, trying to fulfill Your calling in my life...just trying to keep walking until I can be where You are.

I was simply delighting in You, following hard after You and somewhere in all those days You took my most painful, hurting, broken place and not only repaired, but replaced it with the desires of my heart.

Your grace was enough to bring me this far by faith. You are the God who sees and You are the God who is able. Your heart was so full of perfect love that You had to share it so that I could enjoy it. As I think about these things that are too marvelous, too awesome for me to grasp, I realize that I don't to have to understand it. Maybe I'm not even supposed to understand it. Maybe You just want me to have it and enjoy it.

You are my Father and Your grace is enough for me. Oh, perfect love, oh, human thought transcending!

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