Monday, August 30, 2010

An Hour of Prayer

Hour of Prayer
Devote 5 minutes to each of these to make an hour spent in prayer:

1. Singing songs of praise
Sing songs of praise from your heart

2. Praise God
Tell God the many ways He is great and worthy of praise

3. Confession
Open your heart and confess your sins to God

4. Read the Word to Him
Select a section of Scripture and read it to God

5. Petition
Ask God for things you need for yourself

6. Intercession
Pray for the needs of other people

7. Read the Word for Myself
Read the Bible and apply it to your own life

8. Thanksgiving
Thank God for the many things He has done

9. Singing
Sing songs of praise from your heart

10. Meditation
Think deeply about the Scriptures you just read,
about the prayers you prayed, or about who God is

11. Listening
Be still and quietly listen for God

12. Singing songs of praise
Sing to the Lord

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