Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Following Nathanael

Having recently learned to walk instead of crawl, Nathanael marched eagerly into his first Spring of independence and nature discovery. Since rocks never fail to fascinate me, I wanted to share that thrill of appreciation with him.

He had no idea that dropping small rocks into a pail could make a splash. Neither was he aware that the rocks would darken in color when wet. What a miracle to see clear water turn to dirty brown! Who knew that sunbeams could return wet rocks to their original texture and color?

God knew. He knew it all along, but perhaps appreciated it most when watching Jesus toddle alongside Mary discovering the wonders of the very world He had helped create.

Nathanael has always known there is a God because his daddy says so. He knows there is a God because even the rocks cry out in praise. If someone had to make a pail to splash rocks in, then someone also had to make the water that it held and the hands that toss rocks. It’s basic logic for even a one year old.

"Nathanael, did God make rocks for us to play with?” I asked.

He grinned at me, reaching little arms upward toward the sky. "Yes!" he shouted with a sprinkling of giggles. “Thanks you!”

His faith was complete. His cup of joy overflowed with praise. It is no wonder that we are to become as little children.

"A little child will lead them." Why is it that we have such difficulty following?

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